My Music

2008-09-06 18:18:02 by Nermio


Here is a post about my audio submissions:

First some general information

I spend most of my days of my life making music. I play several real instruments and I'm pretty much into synths and such too.
I Generally work with cubase (SX1 for the moment), I have a USB keyboard and I work with VST and soundfonts, I am always searching for quality stuff which is why I'm also learning synth creation in synthedit, so that I can make my own instruments.

Now About My Submissions

-Anyone can freely use my music for their flash
-Anyone can also freely use my music for other non-commercial projects such as youtube videos or so, but then you must notify me.
-If anyone would consider liking my music but perhaps have a better idea of how it could be done, anyone can freely make and submit remakes/remixes of my - or part of my music as long as I'm informed

This is the license to do so, if anyone would ask, direct them here. The rest of the rules are stated in the NG Agreement.

Have a nice day!